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let's do lunch

When on the appointment booking site, you'll choose the appointment time for your student's grade level:

PK - 10:40

3rd Grade - 11:05

1st Grade - 11:40

2nd Grade - 11:45

4th Grade - 12:10

Kinder - 12:20

**Disclaimer - the appointment times don't align with the actual times of lunch due to the program**

View the link below for the actual start and end times of the lunch period:

TES Lunch Times

There are a limited number of spots available for each grade. If the time is NOT there, that means all the spots are filled. These appointments can only be scheduled during your student's lunch time. You will sit at the tables by the windows with just your student. For health purposes, there will be no additional students permitted to join your lunch date. If you wish to take photos while visiting, please make sure they only include your student. For the privacy and safety of the other students, there should not be any photos or videos taken in the cafeteria of anyone but your own student. Once your student's lunch time has ended, the student will return to class.

When you enter the building, you will need to present your ID for us to scan and print you a visitor badge!

Book your Lunch Appointment Here!





To ensure all of our students get home to the proper location safely, consistency is KEY! It's better for our students and staff if the transportation remains constant throughout the school year. Changing the transportation of the students often creates confusion and mistakes.


If you need to change your child's transportation, you will need to send an email to OR a handwritten letter with your student to school. All transportation changes are cut off promptly at 2:45 to ensure we communicate the change properly.


happy bday


Wish your child a Happy Birthday!!! Use the Google Form below to reserve the TES Birthday Sign for your Child's Birthday. The cost for the Birthday Sign either in the bus lane or the car line is $30. The sign will be displayed by 7:15 am (or before) on the reservation date and will remain up until car dismissal is complete. Payment is due prior to the sign being displayed. The money can be turned into the TES office by cash or check.

Birthday Sign Form





400 N. 10th Ave.

Teague, Texas  75860

Ph:  254-739-1350

Fax:  254-739-3605


Principal:  Crystal Adams     

Assistant Principal:  Stacee West

Secretary:  Keesha Mathis

Counselor:  Teri Knight

Diagnostician:  Amy Johnson

Nurse:  Kella Redic, RN






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