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Special Education/Special Programs

Special Education/Special Programs


The Special Education Department had added some supports for ensure IEPs are implemented to the greatest extend possible. These efforts include:

  1. Weekly communication from to parents of students with disabilities from their special education and general education teachers to ensure implementation of the IEP.
  2. Related services offered through teletherapy for counseling, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy where permission has been given by the parent.
  3. Access to the Director of Special Education, Dr. Catherine Schmidt, to address questions or concerns:, 254-739-1444,903-239-2680.
  4. Providing Speech Therapy in combination of ways including practice packets with follow-up phone calls and tele-therapy.
  5. Acquiring parental consent either verbally or written to protect disability related HIPPA and FERPA protected information.


TEA COVID-19 Special Ed in Texas Information


SSES ARD Committee Flowchart (English)

SSES ARD Committee Flowchart (Spanish)

SSES Program Overview (English)

SSES Program Overview (Spanish)