Welcome to Student Services

  • Student Services is comprised of a variety of services that assist students who are experiencing academic, behavioral, social, emotional and physical challenges that could be barriers to their opportunities to be academically successful. The various programs within Student Services include: • Student Safety & Discipline • Behavioral Specialist • Guidance & Counseling • Health Services • Emergency Response • General Education Interventions • Hospital Homebound Services • Student Parenting Program • 504 Services • Social Workers • Truancy • McKinney-Vento Homeless Youth • Parental Involvement
    Department Objective
    The Department's objective is to eliminate truancy, build community support and promote parental involvement. Other services provided are drop out prevention and drop out recovery.

    Dropout Prevention & Recovery
    Students who are at risk of dropping out can receive information about Alternative Education Programs. Additionally drop outs are given information about their options in order to graduate. They are encouraged and counseled in completing their education.