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Mrs. Karen Abbey


Welcome to 7th Grade Science!


Welcome to my website!  Here you will find copies of science projects that will be periodically assigned, and links for additional study material.  We use StemScopes in our classroom, so the students will be expected to use the StemScopes login to access extra assignments for review and study. Each student has been given their username and password for StemScopes.  Students will have a 3 ring binder that contains all of their notes and papers.  This is to be used as a study guide for all upcoming tests.


My grading policy is as follows:  All grades are counted as classwork, and count equally.  Tests will be entered in the gradebook twice.  Science projects will also count as two grades.  To calculate your average, simply add up all of the grades and divide by the number of grades taken to obtain an average.  Test grades that are below a 70 can be corrected for a 70, but MUST be done in the classroom with the teacher.  The student must make arrangements with me to set up a time to do this.  It cannot be done during class time. 


Progress reports will go out weekly for any student that has a 75 or below average in my class.


I do not give homework as a weekly or daily assignment, however, science projects will be assigned and are due two weeks after being assigned.  Late projects will lose 30 points per day.


Use the link below to access StemScopes.